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Gulf Study Logo: A health study for oil spill clean-up workers and volunteers


The NIEHS is leading the GuLF STUDY  – a health study for oil spill workers and volunteers following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.


The GuLF STUDY is a health study specifically for people who helped clean up the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill.


  • The GuLF STUDY will also include some people who took the worker safety training, but did not get to do cleanup work.
  • The GuLF STUDY will help us learn if oil spills and exposure to crude oil and dispersants affect our physical and mental health.
  • Over time, the GuLF STUDY will generate some important data that may help provide information on policy decisions on healthcare and health services in the region.  
  • The GuLF STUDY is the largest study ever conducted on possible short- and long-term health effects of oil spills.
  • The GuLF STUDY will be run by scientists at the world’s top medical research organization, the National Institutes of Health.



Join the Study

If you are interested in joining the study  or want more information, call toll free at 1-855-NIH-GULF (1-855-644-4853) or visit  .


For more information or to join,
call toll free 1-855-NIH-GULF


All calls are confidential



Principal Investigator

Photo of Sandler, Dale P.
Dale P. Sandler, Ph.D. (
Principal Investigator and Chief, Epidemiology Branch

Tel (919) 541-4668
Fax (919) 541-2511

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