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Staying Motivated to Stay Active
Be Physically Active without Spending a Dime
Have Fun! Be Active with Your Dog!

These are just a few of the tip sheets you can read on the Go4Life website. Go4Life tip sheets provide a wealth of information to help you add exercise and physical activity to your daily routine and have fun at the same time. And you can share these useful tips with others by simply printing copies for your family and friends.

Looking for our Spanish Tip Sheets? Visit our dedicated Spanish Tip Sheet page to download or print information in Spanish.

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Work Out at Work (238.38 KB)

General Fitness

Health Benefits

Heart Health (103.14 KB)
Preventing Falls (396.8 KB)



Healthy Snacking (626.4 KB)


Biking Safely (118.55 KB)
Sun Safety (126.46 KB)

Tracking Tools

Blank Activity Log (383.99 KB)

Friends and Family


Health Care Providers

Fitness Professionals