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Western Region Overview 

The Western Regional Office, located in Phoenix Arizona has a service population of approximately 143,000 American Indian people enrolled in forty-two tribes.  It is responsible for 12,950,000 acres primarily in the states of Arizona (excluding the Navajo Region), Nevada and Utah.  Portions are also in California, Oregon and Idaho.  Thirteen Indian Agencies and an Irrigation Project are Western Regional Office partners.

A swift overview of the Region’s tribes include the O’odham, Yaqui, Yuman and Pai Tribes of Arizona’s low and mid deserts and Grand Canyon, and the Apache of the mid-deserts and mountain forests.  The  Hopi  live on Arizona’s Colorado Plateau mesas.  Nevada has many bands and tribes of Shoshone and Paiute people.  The many tribes and bands of Ute people inspired the state of Utah's name. 

Regional Announcements