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Cancer Query Systems

The Cancer Query Systems (CanQues) are data retrieval applications that provide access to cancer statistics stored in online databases. These systems do not perform calculations, they display reports using databases of statistics generated by other software. Many of these statistics are provided in the SEER Cancer Statistics Review or other SEER Statistical Publications. The Cancer Query Systems have a Web-based interface that allows you to retrieve the statistics relevant to your research that you may not have found in a published format. Through this interface, you can:

  • select the type of statistic and stratification variables used in the report;
  • select the format of the report by choosing from various table and graph formats; and
  • extract the statistics, in a delimited format, for further analyses in other software.

The Cancer Query Systems provide access to the following statistical databases:

SEER provides Cancer Statistics in a variety of formats, including the Cancer Query Systems listed above, SEER Statistical Publications, the Cancer Stat Fact Sheets, and the Fast Stats system.