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Planning & Preparedness

Are you prepared for a flu outbreak or pandemic?  The guidance, checklists, and resources in this section are intended to help you create a plan.

Business Planning

Learn how to protect the health and safety of your employees and local community.

Community Planning

Get strategies for organizations, such as churches and homeless shelters, to reduce the impact of a pandemic.

School Planning

Learn how to prevent transmission of disease and keep students, staff, and the local community safe.

Transportation Planning

Learn how to respond to a pandemic situation to ensure citizens can quickly and easily travel long distances.

Health Professionals

Get information on the crucial role hospitals, health care providers, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) will play in the event of a pandemic.

State & Local Government

Find information about plans and response activity at the state, local, and tribal level.

Federal Government

Get information about plans and response activity at the federal level.