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Health Disparities Calculator (HD*Calc) Tutorials

Health disparities can be calculated using SEER data or data from another population based health data source.

Health Disparities Summary Measures and HD*Calc Software Demonstration

Measuring for Improvement: The Health Disparities CalculatorExternal Web Site Policy - A review of HD*Calc and an example of how the tool is used in a county health department.

HD*Calc Webinar - An explanation of health disparities measures and a video demonstration are available to provide more in-depth training for HD*Calc.

Importing Data Basics

These tutorials assume that you already have the input data file ready to import into HD*Calc.  There are two ways to import data into HD*Calc depending on the data source:

  1. Importing SEER*Stat Data
  2. Importing Other Data

Preparing Input Data Files and Using HD*Calc for Analyses

The following exercises will teach you how to prepare the data input files and use them to calculate health disparities in HD*Calc.

SEER Data Examples

These instructions assume that you have SEER*Stat installed on your computer. If you are not familiar with SEER*Stat, you should work through the SEER*Stat tutorials before starting these exercises.

  1. Measuring Health Disparities By Race using SEER Incidence Data
  2. Measuring Health Disparities By Socioeconomic Group using SEER Incidence Data
  3. Measuring Health Disparities By Race using SEER Incidence Data showing 3-Year Moving Average

Other Data Source Example

  1. Measuring Health Disparities By Income Level using California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) Colorectal Cancer Screening Data