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The Handbook of Latin American Studies Online Catalog (HLAS Web) is a selective annotated bibliography of scholarly monographs, journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, and electronic resources dealing with Latin America. The multidisciplinary Handbook, edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, alternates annually between the social sciences and the humanities. Disciplines covered include anthropology (including archaeology and ethnology), art, economics, electronic resources (beginning in 1995), geography, government and politics, history, international relations, literature, music, philosophy, and sociology. The Handbook's 130 Contributing Editors, scholars based in the US and abroad, review and provide annotations for over 5000 works per year. The version of the Handbook available through the Library of Congress Online Catalog covers only Volume 50 to the present. The complete database (Vols. 1-62, 1936-2006) may be searched online at, including some forthcoming volumes in the preliminary editorial stage. Printed volumes of the Handbook are also available in the Hispanic Reading Room and the Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress under the call number Z1605.H23.

HLAS records generally contain annotations and additional subjects not found on records for those works in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. However, HLAS records do not show Library of Congress holdings information or call numbers. Such information may be obtained by searching for the title of the monograph or of the journal (not the title of the article in the journal) in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. A complete list of journal title abbreviations and their corresponding full titles may be found on the HLAS Online web site at: For further information on the Handbook and HLAS records, please see the HLAS Online help pages at

Please note that some works annotated in the Handbook and included in the database are not part of the LC collections. We recommend that you ask a reference librarian for help in locating copies of these works at another institution.

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