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Welcome to the caBIG® Training Portal —
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Welcome to the caBIG® Training Portal

The caBIG® Training Portal is your starting place for a range of educational resources related to caBIG®.

  • Access Training in the Learning Management System (LMS): The caBIG® LMS is a central resource for finding out about training programs, registering for classes, tracking your progress, and staying informed about training offerings. You can see many demos and training modules without signing in; you'll need to create an account to track the courses you complete.
  • caCORE Training: The caCORE Training program teaches members of the CBIIT and caBIG® community how the caDSR fits into the caCORE Infrastructure, the role of the CORE Infrastructure in caBIG® compatibility, and how to use caDSR tools to search for, retrieve, analyze, and curate caDSR common data elements (CDEs). Tools covered include the CDE Browser, UML Model Browser, Curation Tool, Form Builder Tool, Sentinel Tool, caCORE Software Development Kit (SDK), and the Semantic Integration Workbench (SIW).
  • caBIG® Essentials: This presentation is for organizations wishing to learn about and connect with caBIG®. It provides an overview of the caBIG® program, introduces caBIG® tools, describes different ways to connect with caBIG®, and points to additional resources.
  • caBIG® Training and Boot Camp Request: To Request new training modules or boot camps that are not listed in the LMS, select the "Boot Camp and Training Requests" button on the LMS. 

Other Educational Resources

  • Getting Connected. Visit the Getting Connected page of this website for access to a range of overview and outreach materials related to caBIG® capabilities.
  • Tools Demonstrations and Brochures. The best way to access educational materials about specific tools is to navigate to "Finding Tools" on the left menu. From there, each caBIG® tool has a landing page that points to the best and most current information for that specific tool.
  • Information for Those Creating Documentation & Training – If you are creating documentation or training materials, please visit the caBIG® Documentation & Training Wiki.
  • Documentation and Training Workspace Homepage: Visit the working group that brings together community members to talk about documentation and training needs and projects.

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