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Project Officer
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Introducing HeartWalk at NIH

HeartWalk Logo
Bright red HeartWalk logo stencils have been placed in 1/10 mile increments all over the NIH campus on most of our traveled sidewalks. Count 10 logos and you have traveled approximately 1 mile.
Whether you use the marked routes for walking, running, jogging or rolling, remember that wellness at NIH means "Taking Our Own Best Advice!"
HeartWalk Map

Focus On You - NIH Wellness

NIH Wellness LogoIn a continuing effort to provide NIH employees and contractors with a wide range of information and services to enhance their wellness and work/life, the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS) has launched this wellness website.

Many of these wellness initiatives are created and supported by NIH employees and their Institutes/Centers.

We hope that you will find the information provided on this website a valuable resource toward improving your quality of work/life and by keeping the "Focus on You".  


Spotlight On:

SuperTracker is an online health and fitness tracker you can personalize to meet your wellness goals. Once created, you will be able to track your diet, activities, and receive helpful tips and support. SuperTracker with the help of MyPlate assists you with following the US dietary guidelines.