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I recently enrolled in Medicare. Am I going to have to complete revalidation paperwork?

Even if you recently enrolled, you may receive a request to revalidate your enrollment, since there are number of reasons your provider enrollment information may require an update. If you receive a request from your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) to revalidate, you must do so. Once you receive the request for revalidation from your Medicare Administrative Contractor, the quickest and easiest way to complete your revalidation application is through Internet-based PECOS ( Paper 855 enrollment applications are also available at

You have sixty days from the post mark date of the revalidation notification letter to submit your completed paper or internet based PECOS electronic revalidation enrollment application. You may complete the revalidation through internet- based PECOS ( or you may submit the appropriate CMS 855 paper form available at

If you believe you received the request to revalidate in error, you should contact the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

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