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HF Interoperability

NCS SHARES HF Interoperability Working Group

The SHARES program is charged with promoting interoperability between High Frequency radio systems used by the Federal departments and agencies. It is also tasked to foster interoperability through examination of regulatory, procedural, and technical issues. This role has taken on added importance with the widespread purchase and use of Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) technology throughout the HF radio community. In responding to this role, the NCS SHARES HF Interoperability Working Group has established the SHARES Action Item process to identify, record, and track issues affecting HF radio interoperability in the Federal government.

Emphasis has also been placed on expanding awareness of new technologies in HF radio. Technological advancements have made HF radio more efficient and competitive in day-to-day operations. Multiple microprocessors, Digital-Signal Processing (DSP) and computer control, and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), combine to simplify and enhance HF radio operation and frequency selection. The US Navy has successfully demonstrated e-mail links within a surface fleet Battle Group via HF radio, with transmission speeds of up to 4.8 kbps.

Automatically combining HF radio and other communications media such as land line, satellite, and VHF/UHF enables a user to consider costs and priority in processing messages. This technology provides selective routing of high-speed, error-free transmission of fax, e-mail, text, and data files. Data compression techniques further enhance the effective data rate.

New technologies also enable the transmission of imagery over HF. High-resolution color and monochrome images from analog cameras, still video cameras, and digital cameras as well as imagery from IR and RADAR sources can be processed via HF radio. Image compression and error correction algorithms are featured in this newly enhanced technology.

The SHARES HF Interoperability Working Group also sponsors HF technology demonstrations at Federal conferences, meetings and industry trade shows. To schedule a demonstration, contact the
SHARES Project Office

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