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We are concerned that we will not receive the revalidation requests that are mailed to the provider by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). Is there a way to get a list directly from CMS with the providers and suppliers that have been requested to revalidate?

A list of providers and suppliers who have been sent requests to revalidate their Medicare enrollment is available at:
The list will generally be routinely updated by the 20th of each month.


Providers and suppliers using Internet-based PECOS will also be able to see if a request for revalidation has been sent by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).  A “Revalidation Notice Sent” date will be displayed on the My Enrollments page.  This will reflect the date in which the revalidation letter was mailed by the MAC to the provider/supplier.  The date will display on the My Enrollments page for 120 days. 


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