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Visitor's Guide

The Frederick National Lab is located within the Ft. Detrick U.S. Army facility in Frederick, Maryland. Please be aware that you will be asked to provide Ft. Detrick securitywith proof of identification, and your vehicle will be briefly searched, before being allowed to enter the facility grounds. Visitors must check in with Protective Services to receive their Visitor Badges. Below you will find some useful maps of the Campus area and driving directions for many common starting points.

  • In accordance with contractual requirements, you must complete the Visitor's Request Form for all visitors to the Frederick campus (i.e., seminar participants, visiting scientists, consultants, tour groups). Note: Completing this form does not result in an automatic approval of the visitor. The request is received by the Directorate Head chosen on the form, and all requests are vetted through the Management Operations Support Branch (MOSB) for final approval.
  • NIH Extended Visitor ID Badge Application
  • All visitors must enter through the Old Farm Gate, which is located on Rosemont Avenue. Please note that there are two gates on Rosemont Avenue, one for holders of Federally Issued Identification, and one for Visitors. The Old Farm Gate, for visitors, is located at the intersection of Old Farm Dr. and Rosemont Ave. After 6pm, the Old Farm Gate is closed and you must enter via the 7th Street Gate, located at the intersection of Military Rd. and 7th Street. Please visit the Fort Detrick website for specific information regarding gate closures and access.
  • Present a photo ID at the Old Farm Gate (e.g., driver's license, NIH ID, passport).
  • Expect that your vehicle will be searched, including the trunk and any boxes, bags, or other items.
  • All Frederick visitors should first report to Protective Services in Building 426 before proceeding to any other destination.
  • The NCI Management Offices are in Building 427. NOTE: All buildings on the Frederick campus, with the exception of the Conference Center/Scientific Library (Bldg. 549), are secured via a card-key system; therefore, a visitor must have an escort in order to enter a building.
  • Get more information on the Fort Detrick Gate Access procedure.

Transportation and Lodging

Facilities & Amenities

The campus offers several rooms, equiped with computer and teleconferencing equipment, for meetings, speakers and special events. For more information, contact the Conference Center.

Cafeteria and catering services are available through the NCIF Cafe.


The Frederick National Lab is located off the Rosemont or 7th Street exits of Rt. 15, in Frederick,
Door to door directions.

Campus Map

Campus Map ThumbnailThe map of the Frederick National Lab campus is a PDF file, which you can view and print using the free Adobe Reader.


Visitors may park in any spaces on campus, with the exception of those marked "DOD" or "Reserved". Parking is free.

ATRF Directions

Directions to the Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF)