More About US-CERT Atom Feeds

Why would I want to subscribe to Atom feeds?

Atom feeds save you the trouble of going to various websites to look for new articles and information. Instead, Atom feeds send this information to you. By subscribing to a feed, you choose what topic or information you're interested in and receive notification when new content about this topic is available. Using your web browser, you can quickly scan your feeds for the information you want.

For instance, let's say you've lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago and you want to keep up with local news in each of these cities. To get this news, you could go to the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune Review, and New York Times websites individually and browse each paper's local news section. This could take a lot of time. By subscribing to the Atom feeds for each paper's local news, you could receive local headline feeds from all three papers and quickly scan them for articles that interest you.

What exactly is a "feed?"

A feed is a summary of new website articles. It's published to people who choose to receive it by subscribing to the feed. This summary is usually a list of titles that link to full articles, and may sometimes include the first line or two of each article. The orange Atom buttons on the US-CERT website show what content is available through US-CERT feeds.

How do I subscribe to a US-CERT feed?

There are a number of ways to subscribe to US-CERT feeds. The following are the most common:

Where can I find a list of feeds I can subscribe to?

A list of all US-CERT feeds can be found on our Mailing Lists and Feeds page.