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Search Tips* after search type indicates that limits are available for that search
Search Type Examples Help on Limits
Keyword *

" " surround exact phrases: "sor juana"
+ marks essential terms: +trade +mexico +canada
! eliminates terms: trade !canada
? truncates: america?
    --> finds america, american, americanista, etc.

EXAMPLE: "cold war" +diploma? !cuba

Limits Available

For personal names, enter surname first: paz octavio
For group names, enter in direct order: latinamerika-institutet i stockholm
Truncation is automatic.

Limits NOT Available
Title *

Enter all or initial part of title, starting with the first word: caída de la democracia
Drop initial articles (a, the, la, el) and punctuation (", ¿, ! ) in any language.
Truncation is automatic.

Limits Available

Search either HLAS Subject Term Glossary or Library of Congress Subject Headings
Enter standard subject heading or name: aztec language
Start with the left-most word: aztecs social life and customs
Omit most punctuation: latin american literature 20th century dictionaries (especially double-hyphens in subject subdivisions)
Truncation is automatic.

Limits NOT Available
Boolean Keyword *

" " for exact phrases: "latin american society "
Boolean AND, OR, NOT: (spanish OR portuguese) AND conquest
Index codes refine searches: 260B stanford
   --> finds stanford as publisher
? truncates: polic?
   --> finds police, policing, policy, etc.

EXAMPLE: (octavio AND paz) AND "sor juana"

Limits Available
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