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bullet NIH Office of Extramural Research - A training on the protection of human research participants. In March 2007, this tutorial replaced the National Cancer Institute training on human subjects protections.

bullet Responsible Conduct of Research Education Consortium - A non-profit, non-governmental consortium of institutions and organizations to develop and promote programs in responsible conduct of research. The site links to resources for instructors such as books, website, periodicals, courses and funding sources.

bullet Research on Human Specimens: are you conducting research using human subjects? - Provided by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the NIH.

bullet Research with Experimental Subjects - The University of California at Irvine provides online tutorials for animal and human subject experimentation and HIPAA.

bullet Online Course On Ethical Issues in International Research – Provided by the Harvard School of Public Health, the web site introduces major ethical topics in international health research, poses questions for students and scholars to consider, and also provides research resources and case studies.

bullet A tutorial on informed consent - Maintained by the University of Minnesota . There are separate tutorials for biological and behavioral/social scientists

bullet Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) - A Web-based course consisting of modules for biomedical and social / behavioral researchers and a case-based continuing education course for those institutions requiring a mechanism for re-certification. Hosted by the University of Miami.

bullet American Medical Association Virtual Mentor - An interactive, Web-based forum for analysis and discussion of ethical and professional issues that medical students encounter during their educational training. The Virtual Mentor content areas are designed to inform, awaken, and energize students to engage in a learning dialogue with experts in medicine, law, and bioethics.

bullet Standardized patient scenarios for teaching and evaluating bioethics - Developed by Peter A. Singer and Anja Robb at the University of Toronto.

bullet Ethics in Biomedical Research -   This site links to an online catalog that includes a DVD produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The DVD focus on four areas: history of bioethics in clinical medicine and in research; experiments with animals; genetic alternation and; scientific integrity. The DVD’s “Companion Resources” section has a summary of each video and pdf files of the documents cited in the overview section.

bullet Teaching Research Ethics - An intensive workshop including ethical theory, human subjects, animal welfare, responsible data management, misconduct in science and other topics designed for teachers of graduate coursers in research ethics. Site links to teaching materials.

bullet Health Research Ethics Training Initiative in Egypt – A tutorial developed as part of the NIH program to support research ethics infrastructure in the developing world. The site includes slides, articles and videos on history of research ethics, ethical issues in international research, therapeutic orientation and misconception, clinical trial design, rules and functions of research ethics committees, data safety and monitoring, protocol and other topics.

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Case Studies

bullet  Case Studies in Bioethics  - University of Washington Medical School provides case studies for a wide array of topics in both medical and research ethics.

bullet Report from The Lasker Forum on Ethical Challenges in Biomedical Research and Practice – The forum was held in May, 2003. See the following case studies by Dr. Margaret L. Eaton, Stanford University, used with permission of the Albert & Mary Lasker Foundation: Neuroimaging, Surgery, Off-Label Drug Prescribing, and Assisted Reproductive Technology.

bullet Ethics Updates Cases –  A large group of cases dealing with ethical issues including about a dozen bioethics cases.  They are complied by Lawrence Hinman for students.   
bullet Fordham University Center for Ethics Education - Cases presented at workshops designed to present ethical dilemmas and stimulated discussion.  Most are from behavioral/social science research.

bullet American College of Physicians - The site has case studies for medical practice.

bullet Standardized patient scenarios for teaching and evaluating bioethics - developed by Peter A. Singer and Anja Robb at the University of Toronto.
bullet Iowa State Bioethics . The site has a large number of cases.  A handful deal with biomedical ethics and research integrity. The site also includes syllabi and presentations.

bullet Bioethics Discussion - This site, active through 2004, includes case scenarios, discussion topics and resources. Bioethics Discussion Blog has superseded the original site and contains more than 500 subject threads and several pages from the older site.


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