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Burial Listings

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ABMC maintains several databases, including:
  • Those interred at the American World War I and World War II cemeteries overseas.
  • The missing in action from World War I and World War II who are memorialized on Tablets of the Missing within the cemeteries and on three memorials in the United States.
  • Those killed worldwide during the Korean War.
  • War dead and veterans of the Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish-American War who are buried at the ABMC cemeteries in Corozal, Panama and Mexico City.
  • The missing in action of the Vietnam War memorialized at the Honolulu Memorial.
  • All interments at Corozal American Cemetery, including civilians who built and operated the Panama Canal.
These databases and listings may be searched through the links above.

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial