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Military Documents


For information on locating current and superseded documents published by the DoD, please visit our Military Documents Research Guide.

This page provides only a small sample of our digitized military documents. Please search the Library Catalog for a more complete collection of our military documents. We are especially proud to make all our publicly distributed Army Regulations dated back to 1960 available for download through our catalog. To search the catalog for military documents, simply enter your document series number in quotes, ex. "AR 10-5" into the Title search box.

Army Regulations

DOD Instructions, Directives & Regulations

Special Regulations

Technical Manuals

Army Regulations - Table of Contents

To access the latest Army Regulations, go to Army Publishing Directorate

AR 1 Administration
AR 5 Management
AR 10 Organization and Functions
AR 11 Army Programs
AR 37 Financial Administration
AR 40 Medical Services
AR 95 Aviation
AR 135 Army National Guard and Reserve
AR 140 Army Reserve
AR 385 Safety
AR 600 Personnel-General
AR 601 Personnel Procurement
AR 602 Man-Materiel Systems
AR 604 Personnel Security Clearance
AR 606 Personnel Identification
AR 608 Personal Affairs
AR 611 Personnel Selection and Classification
AR 612 Personal Processing
AR 614 Assignments, Details, and Transfers
AR 615 Enlisted Men
AR 623 Evalution Reporting System, 2006
AR 635 Personnel Separations
AR 672 Decorations, Awards, and Honors
AR 680 Personnel Information Systems
AR 690 Civilan Personnel
AR 700 Resource Management

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Department of Defense Instructions/Directives & Regulations


Special Regulations - Table of Contents

SR 615-360-1 Separation of Enlisted Personnel 24 June 1953 (4.7 MB)
SR 615-363-5 Release to National Guard and Army Reserve 11 May 1953 (1.5 MB)

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Technical Manuals - Table of Contents

TM 12-235 Discharged and Release from Active Duty 1 January 1945 (21.7 MB)
TM 12-245 Physical Reclassification Retirement and Retirement Benefits for Officers 1 October 1945 (49.7 MB)
TM 12-405 Officer Classification Commissioned and Warrant: Classification and Coding of Civilian Occupations 30 October 1943 (50.5 MB)
TM 12-406 Officer Classification Commissioned and Warrant: Classification and Coding of Civilian Occupations 30 October 1946
TM 12-427 Military Occupational Classification of Enlisted Personnel 12 July 1944 (76.8 MB)

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