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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


Developmental Projects in Complementary Approaches to Cancer Care and Treatment


PA-09-167 (R21):
(Expiration date: May 8, 2012)

PA-09-168 (R03):
(Expiration date: May 8, 2012)

Dan Xi, Ph.D.

These funding opportunity announcements (FOA) invite applications for basic, preclinical, and clinical complementary cancer research. The research should relate to the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer as well as management of cancer symptoms and side effects due to conventional cancer treatment. In addition, these FOAs encourage the development and application of emerging and innovative technologies, including identification of novel therapeutics in the pharmacopoeia of Traditional Medical Systems (as defined by the World Health Organization), use of complementary approaches to improve the therapeutic ratio of standard and investigational anti-cancer therapies, and research on lifestyle modifications (e.g. diet, exercise, mind-body approaches) for their impact on cancer outcomes (e.g., response to conventional cancer therapy, survival).

The overarching goal of both the Developmental Projects in Complementary Approaches to Cancer Care and Treatment (R03) and (R21) is to encourage investigators to submit high quality, preliminary research of humans that will advance the science of complementary and alternative Medicine (CAM) and provide a solid foundation and justification for future research project (R01) grant applications to definitively determine the efficacy of CAM approaches.