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About the Director

Paul A. Sieving, M.D., Ph.D.

National Eye Institute
National Institutes of Health

Recent Publications


Ahmed ZM, Kjellstrom S, Haywood-Watson RJ, Bush RA, Hampton LL, Battey JF, Riazuddin S, Frolenkov G, Sieving PA, Friedman TB. Double homozygous waltzer and Ames waltzer mice provide no evidence of retinal degeneration. Mol Vis 14:2227�. PubMed

Brooks BP, Macdonald IM, Tumminia SJ, Smaoui N, Blain D, Nezhuvingal AA, Sieving PA. Genomics in the era of molecular ophthalmology: reflections on the National Ophthalmic Disease Genotyping Network (eyeGENE). Arch Ophthalmol 126(3):424� PubMed

Dizhoor AM, Woodruff ML, Olshevskaya EV, Cilluffo MC, Cornwall MC, Sieving PA, Fain GL. Night blindness and the mechanism of constitutive signaling of mutant G90D rhodopsin. J Neurosci 28(45): 11662�. PubMed

Machida S, Raz-Prag D, Fariss RN, Sieving PA, Bush RA. Photopic ERG negative response from amacrine cell signaling in RCS rat retinal degeneration. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 49(1):442�. PubMed

Takada Y, Vijayasarathy C, Zeng Y, Kjellstrom S, Bush RA, Sieving PA. Synaptic pathology in retino-schisis knockout (Rs1-/y) mouse retina and modification by rAAV-Rs1 gene delivery. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 49(8):3677�. PubMed

Vijayasarathy C, Takada Y, Zeng Y, Bush RA, Sieving PA. Organization and molecular interactions of retinoschisin in photoreceptors. Adv Exp Med Biol 613:291� PubMed


Haruta M, Bush RA, Kjellstroma S, Vijayasarathya C, Zeng Y, Le Y-Z, Sieving PA. Depleting Rac1in mouse rod photoreceptors protects them from photo-oxidative stress without affecting their structure or function. Proc Natl Acad Sci (USA) 106(23):9397�02. PubMed

Luna G, Kjellstrom S, Verardo M, Lewis GP, Byun J, Sieving PA, Fisher SK. The effects of transient retinal detachment on cavity size and glial and neural remodeling in a mouse model of X-linked retinoschisis. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 50(8):3977-84. PubMed

Park TK, Wu Z, Kjellstrom S, Zeng Y, Bush RA, Sieving PA, Colosi P. Intravitreal delivery of AAV8 retinoschisin results in cell type-specific gene expression and retinal rescue in the RS1-Ko mouse. Gene Therapy 16:916�. PubMed

Raz-Prag D, Zeng Y, Sieving PA, Bush RA. Photoreceptor protection by adeno-associated virus-mediated LEDGF expression in the RCS rat model of retinal degeneration: probing the mechanism. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 50(8):3897�6. PubMed

Vijayasarathy C, Ziccardi L, Zeng Y, Smaoui N, Caruso RC, Sieving PA. Null retinoschisin-protein expression from an RS1 c354del1-ins18 mutation causes progressive and severe XLRS in a cross-sectional family study. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 50(11):5375-83. PubMed


Sieving PA. Foreword to Ocular Disease: Mechanisms and Management (eds. LA Levin, DM Albert), WB Saunders (in press).

Sieving PA. At the frontier of vision research梩he National Eye Institute celebrates 40 years. Am J Ophthamol 149(2):179-81. PubMed

Sieving PA, Ziccardi L. Retinoschisis. Chap. 18. In: Genetic Diseases of the Eye, 2nd ed. (ed: EI Traboulsi). Oxford University Press, New York, NY, (in press).

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