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SysBioSIG has focused on organizing scientific presentations that represent the diverse approaches utilized in Systems Biology. This has included events for the NIH Research Festival, a retreat and the annual Speaker Series. The Systems Biology Speaker Series offers presentations by leaders in their fields whose work incorporates aspects of a Systems Biology approach. The Speaker Series is sponsored by the Program for Systems Immunology and Infectious Disease Modeling, NIAID and NHLBI.

NOTE: Lectures from the Speaker Series are available for download in the NIH Videocast Archive.

Day Date Time Location Topic(s) Speaker(s)
Tuesday 7/22 2PM Lipsett Amphitheatre Coordinating Gene Expresssion with Frequency Modulation

Dr. Michael Elowitz

California Institute of Technology

Thursday 6/26 8:15 Natcher Auditoriium Trans-NIH Systems Biology Event See this link for more info



06/24/08 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Systems Biology Speaker Series   Dr. Uri Alon, Weizmann Institute 
Tuesday 05/20/08 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Systems Biology Speaker Series   Dr. Kevin White, University of Chicago 
Monday 05/12/08 1 - 5PM Natcher Auditorium  Systems Biology Workshop  Workshop Agenda
Tuesday 04/08/08 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Genetic Regulatory Complexity: Lessons from Yeast to Cancer  Dr. Dana Pe'er, Columbia University 
Tuesday 03/25/08 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Systems Biology and Systems Medicine  Dr. Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology 



03/11/08 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Systems Biology Speaker Series   Dr. Marc Vidal, Department of Genetics, Harvard University and Department of Cancer Biology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute 
Tuesday 02/19/08 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Mapping gene regulatory pathways by assembly of physical and genetic interactions   Dr. Trey Ideker, Department of Bioengineering, University of California, San Diego 
Tuesday 12/18/07 2 PM Lipsett Amphitheatre  Coordination of Growth Rate, Cell Cycle, Stress Response and Metabolic Activity in Yeast   Dr. David Botstein, Princeton University 
07/10/07 2 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Network Component Analysis of Nitric Oxide Challenge to E. Coli  Dr. James Liao, UC, Los Angeles 
06/19/07 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Multi-scale Approaches Towards Understanding the Immune Response   Dr. Denise Kirschner, University of Michigan 
Tuesday 05/29/07 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  SReverse Engineering of the Mitotic Spindle  Alex Mogilner, UC, Davis 
Tuesday 04/24/07 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Network Models for Protein Dynamics and Allostery: Bridging Between Physics-Based and Information-Theoretic Approaches  Dr. Ivet Bahar, University of Pittsburgh 
Tuesday 03/20/07 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Systems Approach to Death-Survival Signaling in Mammalian Cells  Peter Sorger, MIT 
Tuesday 02/20/07 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Genome-wide Discovery of Post-translational Modulators of Transcriptional Interactions in Human B Lymphocytes  Andrea Califano, Columbia University 
Tuesday 01/23/07 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Systems Biology Speaker Series   Dr. Andre Levchenko, John Hopkins University 
12/19/06 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Exploring Genomic Medicine Using Integrative Biology  Dr. Atul Butte 
12/12/06 10 AM Building 45, Balcony A  Approaching a Systems Biology Informatics Infrastructure  Dr. David Benton 
11/21/06 1 PM Lipsett Auditorium  Biology from Gene to Organism: The Physiome Projects  Dr. James B. Bassingthwaighte 
Tuesday 10/17/06 2 PM Natcher, Balcony B  Integrated Genomics of Cancer   Dr. Paul Meltzer, NCI 
Tuesday 10/17/06 2 PM Natcher, Balcony B  Molecular Interaction Maps (MIMs) of Bioregulatory Networks: Organizers of Information and Guides for Simulations   Dr. Kurt W. Kohn, NCI 
Tuesday 10/17/06 2 PM Natcher, Balcony B  Computer Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems: A Focus on the Biology and Not on the Math   Dr. Ronald N. Germain, NIAID 
Tuesday 10/17/06 2 PM Natcher, Balcony B  Building Cell Signaling Networks Using Proteomic Data   Dr. Mark A. Knepper, NHLBI 
Friday 05/21/04 9 AM Wilson Hall  The Digital Human Project   Henry Kelley 
Friday 03/19/04 3 PM TBD  Journal Club on Integromics   John Weinstein, NCI 
01/16/04 3 PM Natcher (bldg 45) Conference Room F  Journal Club on Inverse Methods   Peter Lyster, NIBIB 
06/12/03 3 PM Natcher Room 2AS 10  Second Organizational Meeting   Committee 
06/04/03 2-4 PM Natcher C1/C2  Robustness and Complexity: Introduction to Systems Biology   Dr. John Doyle 
Thursday 05/08/03 3 PM Natcher (Bldg. 45), Rm. 2AS.10  First Organizational Meeting   Steering Committee 

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