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bulletGoogle Bioethics page – This page provides many useful links.

bulletYahoo bioethics- Listing of links using "Bioethics" word search.

bulletNational Reference Center for Bioethics Literature - Provides resources for bioethics research, including a database, ETHXWeb, with over 250,000 references, links to and links to the Bioethics Information Retrieval Project, the National Information Resource on Ethics and Human Genetics, and the National Bioethics Advisory Commission Digital Archive. Operates under the auspices of, and provides library and information services to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

bullet Ethical Issues in Research Involving Human Participants (1989-1998) - A comprehensive bibliography that includes over 4,650 citations; also includes other issues in bioethics. The site is maintained by the National Library of Medicine.

bulletApplied Ethics Resources on the Web -   This site is maintained by the Canadian Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics and includes links to applied areas, such as professional ethics, healthcare ethics, research ethics and other categories.

Bioethics Forum – A collection of commentaries on bioethical issues sponsored by The Hastings Center. – Comprehensive information for students and the general public. Includes weekly news from the American Journal of Bioethics. See also Bioethics for Beginners.

bulletBioethics Resources- Web Resources - Topics include abortion, death and dying, federal developments, genetics, human experimentation, transplantation, and international resources. Site is maintained by Thomas Mayo at Southern Methodist University.

bulletBioethicsWeb – This is a gateway that links to general references and to topical areas. The site is affiliated with INTUTE. It is developed and managed by the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine.

bulletEthics in Biomedical Research -   This site links to an online catalog that includes a DVD produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The DVD focus on four areas: history of bioethics in clinical medicine and in research; experiments with animals; genetic alternation and; scientific integrity. The DVD’s “Companion Resources” section has a summary of each video and pdf files of the documents cited in the overview section.

bulletEthics Videos Catalogue: Bioethics - University of San Diego’s video file of lectures by well known bioethicists. A collection of ethics-related websites on various topics, including nursing, medicine, stem cells and pharmaceuticals.

bulletGenetics and Ethics Web Directory - Categories include Genethics literature, professors studying genetics and ethics, news and bulletins, plus other genethics resources. The site is maintained by Bryn Williams-Jones at the University of British Columbia.

Health Hippo - A collection of policy and regulatory materials related to health care. The web site is provided by Findlaw.

Healthweb: Bioethics - A web directory by the Southern Illinois School of Medicine. Includes links to online publications, specific topics, discussion groups, and bioethics organizations.

bulletHuman Bioethics Today – This site is developed by the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford with university and foundation partners to bring together ethical, medical, legal, social science perspectives on genetic bioetechnology related to animals, humans and agriculture.

bulletIntegrity in Scientific Research: Creating and Environment that Promotes Responsible Conduct - Committee on Assessing Integrity in Research Environments, National Research Council, Institute of Medicine, published by the National Academies Press in 2002.

bulletMedWeb - A web directory maintained by Emory University. Over 60 searchable keywords under the topic "bioethics".

bulletMedWebPlus: Bioethics - A web directory provided by y-DNA inc. with over 185 subcategories of resources under the topic "bioethics".

bulletNew England Journal of Medicine Medical Ethics - The NEJM maintains a collection of its articles on ethical issues.

bulletNuffield Council on Bioethics - Examines ethical issues raised by advances in science and medicine. The site includes current projects and completed reports.

bulletProtecting Participants and Facilitating Social and Behavioral Sciences Research - A report from the Panel on Institutional Review Boards, Surveys, and Social Science Research, National Research Council, published by the National Academies Press in 2002.

bulletRecent Dissertations in the Medical Humanities – This link is to a database of dissertations in the medical humanities. It is maintained by the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library and is updated monthly.  One of the topical areas is Biomedical Ethics.

bulletResponsible Research: A Systems Approach to Protecting Research Participants - A report from the Institute of Medicine's Committee on Assessing the System for Protecting Human Research Participants, published by the National Academies Press in 2002.

bulletThe Open Director Project  - This site includes links to general resources, news, cases and organizations around the world as well as to information on topics.

bullet UK Clinical Ethics Network – The Network’s main mission is to provide information and support to UK clinical ethics committees. It links to many resources relevant to ethical issues in general and to international research. The site includes clinical case studies, a link to ethical issues, a practical guide to clinical ethics support and educational resources


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