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National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) - Making Vision a Healthy Priority

The goal of NEHEP is to ensure that vision is a health priority by translating eye and vision research into public and professional education programs. NEHEP supports collaboration among eye health professionals, healthcare providers, patients, and the public.

NEHEP Programs

  • Diabetic Eye Disease

    The NEHEP Diabetic Eye Disease Education Program is designed to increase awareness about diabetic eye disease among people with diabetes, particularly those at higher risk of vision loss.
  • Glaucoma

    The NEHEP Glaucoma Education Program provides information about glaucoma to people at higher risk.
  • Low Vision

    The NEHEP Low Vision Education Program is designed to create awareness among adults, their families and friends, and the general public about vision rehabilitation services.
  • Ojo con su Vision

    ¡Ojo con su visión! or Watch out for your vision! is the Spanish-language program of NEHEP that targets the Hispanic/Latino community.
  • Vision and Aging

    This program provides health professionals with tools and guidance for informing older adults about eye health, eye diseases and conditions, and the importance of comprehensive dilated eye examinations.

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