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07 Feb

International financial markets and bank funding in the euro area: dynamics and participants (by Jaime Caruana and Adrian Van Rixtel)

This article investigates the development of bank funding in the euro area in recent years, analysing how euro area funding markets were severely disrupted by adverse feedback effects between the weaknesses of sovereigns and banks. These were reflected, for example, in important adjustments in ...

07 Feb

Statistical issues and activities in a changing environment (IFC Bulletin)

Proceedings of the Sixth IFC Conference, Basel, 28-29 August 2012.

06 Feb

Understanding Global Liquidity (Working Paper)

We explore the concept of global liquidity based on a factor model estimated using a large set of financial and macroeconomic variables from 24 advanced and emerging market economies. We measure global liquidity conditions based on the common global factors in the ...

06 Feb

Globalisation and inflation dynamics in Asia and the Pacific (BIS Paper)

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) organised a research workshop on globalisation and inflation dynamics in Asia and the Pacific on June 18-19 in Hong Kong SAR. The topic was endorsed by the Asian Consultative Council in February 2012 as the new monetary stability research theme for the two-year research programme of ...

30 Jan

International Journal of Central Banking (IJCB)

Special Supplemental Issue - Central Banking: Before, During, and After the Crisis 

18 Dec

Why do firms issue abroad? Lessons from onshore and offshore corporate bond finance in Asian emerging markets (Working Paper)

Corporate bond issuers in emerging economies in Asia have often had a choice between an onshore market and an offshore one. Since 1998, however, many of these issuers have increasingly turned to the onshore market. This paper investigates systematically what factors ...

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22 Nov

by Jaime Caruana: Assessing global liquidity from a financial stability perspective

Global liquidity has become a focus of the international policy debate. Despite accommodative monetary policies and a pickup in search-for-yield behaviour, several...

16 Nov

by Jaime Caruana: International monetary policy interactions: challenges and prospects

Systematic incorporation of spillovers is an essential but missing aspect of most monetary policy decision-making processes. The policy influences that need to be taken into account involve short-term policy rates...

09 Nov

by Claudio Borio: On time, stocks and flows: Understanding the global macroeconomic challenges

Five years after the financial crisis, the global economy remains unbalanced and many of the advanced countries are still struggling to return to robust, sustainable growth...

09 Nov

by Jaime Caruana: Financial inclusion: the role of the Basel Process

I am pleased to welcome participants to this unique event that brings international standard-setting bodies together with advanced as well as emerging and developing countries...