Disaster Types
  • Biological Threat -

    Resources for recovering after a biological or bioterrorism event.

  • Chemical Threat -

    What to do after a hazardous chemical has been released with the potential for harming people's health.

  • Drought -

    Suggestions to minimize water usage drought conditions.

  • Earthquake -

    Resources addressing what to do after an earthquake.

  • Fire -

    What to do if your home is damaged in a fire.

  • Flood -

    Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States. Here are resources to help you stay safe, clean up, and recover from a flood.

  • Heat -

    Heat kills by taxing the human body beyond its abilities. Here are some ways to recover from extreme heat.

  • Hurricane -

    Information on hurricane recovery including dealing with hazards and clean-up.

  • Landslide -

    Landslides and mudslides, also know as debris flows, happen all over the United States. Here are tips to recover.

  • Radiation and Nuclear -

    What to do if you or your loved ones have been exposed to radiation.

  • Tornado -

    What to do to recover from a tornado.

  • Tsunami -

    A coastal threat that can be triggered by earthquake or landslide, here are resources to recover from a tsunami.

  • Volcano -

    Staying safe from health hazards & disasters that can result from an eruption.

  • Wildfires -

    Recovery resources including safety information, insurance issues and health exposure from wildfires.

  • Winter Storm -

    Information on what to do after a winter storm.