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Office of the Clinical Director

William L. Dahut, M.D.
Clinical Director
Building 10, Room 12N226
Tel: 301-435-8183


The CCR’s clinical mission is to:
  • Conduct concept-based (science-driven) clinical trials that evaluate new therapies rather than testing existing ones
  • Discover and develop molecularly targeted agents and combinations of agents for use in clinical trials
  • Develop novel approaches to early cancer detection and prevention
  • Develop and deliver novel technologies for molecular diagnosis of cancer
  • Emphasize understudied diseases and cancers with increasing incidence or involving special populations
  • Develop better preclinical models and methods to expedite development of novel interventions for cancer


The Office of the Clinical Director serves as the interface between the NCI and the NIH Clinical Center, a 242 in-patient beds and 90 day-hospital stations clinical research unit, which houses the inpatient units and clinics where patients are treated on intramural CCR clinical trials. The Clinical Director oversees and assures the quality of medical care delivered to patients treated on CCR clinical trials. The Office of the Clinical Director also provides support for and facilitates the intramural clinical research program by providing biostatistical support for trial design and analysis, administrative support for the protocol review and monitoring process, training of clinical research personnel, data management, auditing and monitoring of intramural and multi-institutional trials, an outreach program to promote patient accrual, and informatics for data collection and storage.

Organization Chart:

Office of the Clinical Director Organizational Chart


Office of the Clinical Director Staff

Caryn Steakley, R.N., M.S.W.
Deputy Director for Nursing Affairs
Building 10, Room 3-2571
Tel: 301-435-3685
  Pat Klevins
Program Assistant
Building10, Room 3-2571
Tel: 301-496-4251
Susan McMullen, R.N.
Patient Outreach and Recruitment
Building 10, Room 3-2571
Tel: 301-402-5931
  Elizabeth Ness, M.S.
Staff Development
Building 10, Room 3-2571
Tel: 301-451-2179
Seth Steinberg, Ph.D.
Head, Biostatistics and Data Management Section
6116 Executive Blvd., Room 702
Tel: 301-496-9502
  Allison Wise
QA/QC Officer
Building 10, Room 3-2571
Tel: 301-594-1527
Martha Shaw, M.A.
Administrative Lab Manager
Building 10, Room 3-2571
Tel: 301-451-3941

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