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CCR Office of Communications

CCR's Office of Communications, located in the Office of the Director, Center for Cancer Research, communicates both inside the Center and outside to diverse audiences. Our goal is to effectively communicate the importance of CCR's ongoing basic, translational, and clinical research to the media, the general public, cancer patients and their physicians, other scientists, advocacy groups, and policy makers. Toward this goal, we partner with other Offices, Centers, and Divisions within the National Cancer Institute (NCI), including the Office of Media Relations, the Office of Communications and Education, the Office of Science Planning and Assessment, and the Office of Government and Congressional Relations, among others.

For the Public:

CCR connections, The Center's bi-annual magazine.

The CCR Web site, the Center’s homepage with resources for patients, scientists, physicians, and the public

CCR at a glance ..., an overview of our organization, evolution, and distinctive culture.

In the Journals, reviews of the latest CCR scientific discoveries reported in top journals.

Our News, CCR's science in the news Web page

Understanding Cancer, a series of tutorials available to the public on


For Our Staff:

The 60-Second Update (SSU), a monthly, in-house e-newsletter.

The Monthly Manuscript Report, an in-house list of CCR's in press/recently published scientific manuscripts.

Scientific Advances, a collection of CCR's most important yearly accomplishments. Selected advances may be promoted in one or more of the following ways:

Clearance Procedures and Media Training

The CCR Office of Communications is also responsible for ensuring that our scientists follow NIH/NCI clearance requirements and are confident and well informed when giving interviews to the media. The following activities require clearance:

  • Interactions with the Media
  • NCI Press Releases
  • Interactions with Members of Congress
  • Scientific Manuscripts for Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Print Materials for Public Outreach/Recruitment
  • Letters and Articles for Non-Scientific Publications
  • Outside Activities (i.e. conflict-of-interest issues)

Please visit Clearance Procedures for more information and contacts.

The NCI Office of Communications offers several good resources to help NCI scientists be more comfortable when being interviewed by the media:

Please direct requests for communications support, questions, or comments to Kimberly Martin or any member of the CCR Office of Communications staff:

Kimberly Martin, M.S.
CCR Communications Manager
CCR Office of Communications
Building 31, Room 3A11
Bethesda, MD
Tel: 301.594.5990

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