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PSI:Biology Advisory Committee

The Protein Structure Initiative Advisory Committee is a working group of the National Advisory General Medical Sciences Council. This committee advises NIGMS on the management of the Protein Structure Initiative.

  • Cathy Wu, Ph.D., Chair
    Georgetown University Medical Center

  • Karen Allen, Ph.D.
    Boston University

  • Steve Bryant, Ph.D.
    National Center for Biotechnology Information/
    National Library of Medicine/NIH

  • Wah Chiu, Ph.D.
    Baylor College of Medicine

  • Lila Gierasch, Ph.D.
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst

  • Wim Hol, Ph.D.
    University of Washington

  • Karolin Luger, Ph.D.
    Colorado State University

  • Anne-Frances Miller, Ph.D.
    University of Kentucky

  • William Montfort, Ph.D.
    University of Arizona

  • Wes Sundquist, Ph.D.
    University of Utah

  • Stephen H. White, Ph.D.
    University of California at Irvine

This page last reviewed on November 20, 2012