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Note: Forms on this site use Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats. 

For both formats - to fill in the form you can move your cursor between entry blocks by using your mouse or by pressing the tab key.  For the Acrobat forms you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional installed to view and work with the forms. 

Forms from NIH Manual 3040-2: Animal Care and Use in the Intramural Program(PDF Document, 26 pages) image of a PDF icon

This form is the basic form required for all NIH intramural animal studies.  Some ICs have modified or added to this form. Click the IC below to link to the specific form used by that IC or contact the Animal Care and Use Committee Coordinators for specific information about form requirements.

Forms from NIH Manual 3043-1: Introduction of Rodents and Rodent Products
(PDF Document, 19 pages) image of a PDF icon

  • DVR Online Rodent Import Application (NIH Only)
    This form is designed to prevent the introduction of infected rodents and rodent products into the NIH that could adversely affect the health of rodents used in research; directly or indirectly interfere with research; or pose a health hazard to personnel.  The form must be filled out and submitted to your Animal Program Director and the importation approved before the animals or product can be accepted into an NIH animal facility or laboratory.  For further information and discussion of requirements, refer to the NIH Policy Manual 3043-1: Introduction of Rodents and Rodent Products.

  • Animal Health Data Request Template (PDF Document, 1 page) image of a PDF icon
    NIH veterinarians may find this form helpful during the importation process when contacting ‘outside’ originating facilities, and later when evaluating documentation of their pathogen monitoring and control programs.

Other Useful Forms

  • Rodent Transfer Request Form
    This form is to assist in the transfer of rodents between NIH operated facilities. It is not a substitute for the Application for Permit to Introduce Rodents and Rodent Products, Form 2369-1 (see above) and is not to be used for IC owned animals housed in contractor operated facilities.
  • Animal Transfer Agreement


image of a PDF icon All PDF documents on this page require the free Adobe Reader.


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