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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


Organ-Site Specific Workshops

A limited number of organ-based specific workshops per year will be supported with a requirement of the inclusion of investigators across funding mechanisms (co-chairs must represent different NCI funding mechanisms) and institutions in order to attract the widest range of expertise, facilitate collaborative science, and accelerate clinical and translational research. Because the goals of these workshops are to foster collaborations, and to create objectives and outcomes aligned with the scientific priorities of the specific organ site, the structure of workshops must be a series of sessions with unique focused objectives and outcomes. Assessment of these outcomes, to be submitted in reports by the meeting co-chairs, will include an executive summary of short and long term goals within two months after the workshop, a progress report at one year, and a final report at two years.

The applications will be evaluated by the NCI on a rolling basis throughout the year. Preference will be given to organ sites that have not had or will not have similar conferences.

So far, three organ specific workshops have been held:

  • Prostate Cancer Genetics Workshop: November 2010

  • Targeting Lymphoma Metabolism and Oncogenic Pathways: July 2011

  • Novel Neoadjuvant Therapy for Bladder Cancer: September 2011