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Fill out the fields below then choose "Submit" to send your waiver request to the NIH. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

The NIH has authority to permit a grantee/contractor to assign invention rights to the inventor when the Government has insufficient interest in the invention to obtain the rights. Generally, in determining whether to grant such requests, the NIH considers whether: 1) The invention has insufficient commercial or public health value to be of interest to the Government; 2) the invention will be adequately commercialized without Government intervention; and 3) the invention is not sufficiently related to any PHS intramural research to warrant Government intervention.

To allow for the request for assignment to the inventor to proceed, the grantee/contractor organization must submit information addressing the questions posed below, as well as any other information that the organization wishes the agency to consider to support the requested assignment.

After answering the questions, choose "Submit" to e-mail the request to the NIH. The information will be made part of the documents necessary for NIH to consider the waiver request.

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* Date of the next critical office action/milestone for this invention
* Please describe the next critical office action/milestone (e.g. expiration of provisional application, expiration of option, etc.).
* Identify the practical application of the technology, including the markets or potential markets for the technology.
* Are there any advantages to this technology over what is currently available? If so, explain.
* What efforts have been taken to market or license the technology and what has been the outcome of those efforts?
* Is the invention useful as a research tool? If yes, how will availability to the research community be ensured if rights are waived?
* Have there been any public disclosures of the technology including manuscripts or presentations? If so, provide exact dates.
* Is commercial development necessary to ensure dissemination and utilization of the invention? Explain.
* Will waiver to the inventors foster rapid commercialization of the technology? If so, explain how.
* Are you aware of any closely-related U.S. Government owned technology? If yes, provide details.
* Do you believe the invention will be adequately commercialized without government intervention? Explain.
* Are there any other reasons why you are requesting release of rights to the inventors, i.e., questions of patentability, partial loss of rights?

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