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    Communities of Practice (CoP)

    HHS University

    Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups of people who have a common interest or goal, work collaboratively to achieve it, and share what they have learned from their experiences. The CoP site within the Learning Portal has several on-line tools to support groups who want to work and learn together. The tools are especially valuable if group members are not in the same geographic location.

    The collaborative tools include:

    • Event calendars
    • Surveys
    • Knowledge library
    • Threaded discussions
    • Live chat
    • Featured news
    • Expert feedback
    • Member directory
    • User access control
    • Related links
    • Management of communities, groups, and sub-groups

    The HHS University CoP web site can be directly accessed by going to http://learning.hhs.gov/communities/. You can browse CoP public content anytime without registering. If you want to participate in a threaded discussion or chat, you will be asked to first register and join a CoP.

    For general and technical questions, email HHSU_LMS@psc.gov.

    Registering a Community of Practice

    Joining a CoP as a Member

    Last revised: October 1, 2010

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