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Application Services (4)

  • Application Monitoring Services


    Application Monitoring Services provide system owners with a means to test application and system availability. Services include automatically generated alerts sent to predefined distribution lists, uptime reporting,  automatic escalation processes, accommodations for scheduled downtime, accommodations for service level agreement hours, and automatically generated Remedy service tickets. Application status is represented on a single dashboard including summarizations using prescribed business rules. At a glance, viewers are able to see the general health of a monitored application. Applications and systems receiving monitoring alerts enable technical teams to work in a more proactive way to solve problems thus preventing impact to customers. 


  • Custom Application Development Services


    Custom Application Development is a fee-based service that provides custom software programming for the development of computer applications supporting the NIH mission.  Our experienced team of information technology (IT) professionals collaborates with the user business community from product concept to product implementation to create IT solutions that effectively meet the administrative and research business needs of the NIH. 


  • Scientific Coding Application Subscription Service

    Scientific Coding Application Service is provided by CIT through the Scientific Coding System (SCS) OnDemand.  This NIH Enterprise IT solution is offered as a subscription service to all NIH ICs, facilitating the scientific coding of grants, contracts, intramural projects, and interagency agreements.  This comprehensive web-based application, designed and deployed as a shared effort among the NIH IC subscribers, functions as an IMPAC extension system helping to address the grants tracking, scientific coding and reporting needs of each specific IC.


  • Web Design and Development Services

    CIT is your central source at NIH for website design and development, from small projects to high-profile trans-NIH initiatives. Our process includes gathering requirements, assisting with organizing your content, creating custom-designed prototypes, coding the HTML, importing the content, and maintaining your website on a continuing basis.


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This page last reviewed: August 05, 2010