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Office of Thrift Supervision CEO Memos

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NumberIssue DateTitle
CEO Memo 39007/07/2011Notice of Termination of Monthly Median Cost of Funds Reporting and Publication of Cost of Funds Indices Effective January 31, 2012
CEO Memo 37212/14/2010Evaluation and Selection of Private Mortgage Insurance Providers 
CEO Memo 34504/27/2010Proposed Supplemental Overdraft Guidance 
CEO Memo 34405/06/2010Risk Weighting of Early Default Provisions
CEO Memo 33112/15/2009Revised RESPA Examination Procedures
CEO Memo 32109/24/2009"No Interest, No Payment" Credit Card Programs 
CEO Memo 32009/03/2009Accounting Considerations Related to Other-Than-Temporary Impairment of Securities 
CEO Memo 31207/13/2009Credit CARD Act: Interest Rate Increases and Rules on Unfair Practices 
CEO Memo 30706/26/2009Risk Weighting Downgraded Securities 
CEO Memo 30104/21/2009Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices; Proposed Clarifications 
CEO Memo 29703/31/2009Emergency and USA PATRIOT Act Section 314(a) Contact Information 
CEO Memo 27608/26/2008Home Equity Line of Credit Account Management Guidance 
CEO Memo 26803/04/2008Strategic Plan and Wholesale/Limited Purpose Designations Under the CRA 
CEO Memo 25807/27/2007Notification Requirements for Certain Activities 
CEO Memo 25402/28/2007Guidance on Gift Card Programs 
CEO Memo 22408/29/2005Advisory on Hurricane Katrina 
CEO Memo 21102/18/2005Guidance on Overdraft Protection Programs 
CEO Memo 21002/15/2005FinCEN's New Web-based 314(a) Distribution System 
CEO Memo 19705/11/2004Preparation of the Appraisal of an Institution Contemplating Mutual to Stock Conversion or an MHC Stock Issuance by the Same Company that Prepares the Institution's Business Plan 
CEO Memo 17112/30/2002Revised Compliance Self-Assessment Guide 
CEO Memo 13111/27/2000Title Loan Programs
CEO Memo 10906/10/1999Transactional Web Sites 
CEO Memo 10203/04/1999Community Development Investment Authority Handbook
CEO Memo 9408/21/1998Nominee Depositor Accounts and Subscription Rights
CEO Memo 5201/29/1996Federal Savings Association Authorities
CEO Memo 4105/31/1995Guidance on Permissible Real Estate Investments Under Section 5(c)(3)(B) of the Home Owners' Loan Act
CEO Memo 1506/11/1993Credit Availability and Fair Lending Initiatives
CEO Memo 306/01/1992Joint Examination Agreement