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Basic Search Overview

Basic Search offers multiple search methods, as shown in the window below. The * indicates that search limits are available.

Basic Search offers the largest variety of direct search options in the Handbook in Latin American Studies Online Catalog (HLAS OPAC). In order to use this search most effectively, it is important to be aware of and to understand the differences between each search type available. Brief help information can be found by scrolling down on the page, but more extensive help screens are available for each individual search type and should be consulted as needed:

Keyword - Author - Title - Subject Heading - Boolean Keyword

Image of Basic Search Screen

  1. Enter one or more search words in the Enter Search: box
  2. Select a Search Type: from the window, reflecting the type of search you wish to perform.
  3. Select a Quick Limit: from the drop-down menu on the right (the default is "no limits")
  4. Select the number of records per page
  5. Select the Begin Search button to perform the search.

Depending on the type of search you select, your results will be presented as a Headings List (Author or Subject Heading browse), a Titles List (Title and Boolean Keyword) or a Titles List Keyword (Relevance Keyword search only, which includes relevance ranking).

Use the browser's [Back] button to resume searching.

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