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Scientific Computing Forums

The NIH Helix staff is pleased to announce the launch of the NIH IRP Scientific Computing Forums, which are located at:


This site is intended for discussing scientific computing topics of general interest to the NIH Intramural community, including topics related to the NIH Helix and Biowulf systems.


Although the topic threads will be user-initiated, the Helix staff will actively participate in the discussions. Topics can range from questions about molecular simulations to methods for parallelizing genomic workflows to requests for collaboration, or any other topics of interest relating to scientific computing.


There is no need to register for access to the site, and there are no extra logins and passwords to remember.  All that is required is your NIH user name and password. Once logged in, you can immediately begin conversing! The power of these forums depends on the number of participants who engage in the discussions, so don't be shy about jumping in and getting started.


Of course, we welcome any and all feedback regarding these new scientific forums. Please feel free to send any comments to

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This page last reviewed: April 13, 2012