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Last Updated: 04/25/2012


Definitive, Late Phase Trials

Phase 3 Trial Evaluating Radiotherapy to the Pelvic Lymph Nodes with Short-Term Androgen Deprivation in Prostate Cancer Patients with a Rising Prostate-Specific Antigen after Radical Prostatectomy

Men with a rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) after prostatectomy constitute an increasing patient population in the U.S. Radiotherapy to the prostate bed is the standard salvage treatment in the absence of systemic metastases. Such treatment can provide durable PSA responses in approximately 30 to 40 percent of a heterogeneous patient population.

The Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) is conducting a phase 3 trial, RTOG 0534, which opened in early 2008, that will accrue the most favorable population of men in order to ask whether radiotherapy can not only decrease PSA but provide long-term freedom from progressive disease and whether this is affected by concurrent androgen deprivation or pelvic lymph node irradiation.