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Forever Free™(2011)

for smokers who have recently quit
Forever Free™ Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to stop smoking, and have taken real steps to quit. Now comes the next step: Staying smokefree. People who quit smoking initially fight to overcome their body’s addiction to the drug nicotine. But afterward, they still face challenges that can tempt them to smoke. Forever Free™ includes eight booklets that describe these challenges and ways to deal with them without smoking. Among the topics are controlling weight gain, dealing with stress, and what to do if you have that first cigarette.
Booklet 1: An Overview View print in PDF
Booklet 2: Smoking Urges View print in PDF
Booklet 3: Smoking and Weight View print in PDF
Booklet 4: What if You Have a Cigarette? View print in PDF
Booklet 5: Your Health View print in PDF
Booklet 6: Smoking, Stress, and Mood View print in PDF
Booklet 7: Lifestyle Balance View print in PDF
Booklet 8: Life Without Cigarettes View print in PDF


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