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A Basic Search - Title retrieves materials by title in the exact word order of the search.
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Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) are not available.


Title Search Examples:

To retrieve the Title . . . You can enter. . .
La casa de los espiritus casa de los espiritus
Latin American art: an introduction to works of the 20th century latin american art
Bolivia: land of struggle bolivia land
"Sons of the same father": gender, race, and citizenship in French Saint-Domingue, 1760-1792 sons of the same father
Dictionary of Maya hieroglyphs dictionary of maya hieroglyphs
¿Quien habla por la ciudad?: la politica portena y el affaire CHADE, 1932-1936 quien habla por la ciudad

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Alternative Search Options:

When the exact title word order is not known, try either a Boolean Keyword or a Guided Search using the words of the title you do know with Boolean operators (e.g., yearbook AND geography).

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