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Basic Search - Subject

A Basic Search - Subject retrieves materials by subject using controlled vocabulary headings.
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The Subject search type compares search words or phrases only to those found in a controlled vocabulary (a standard set of words or phrases that reflect the topic of an item, see below...). Use this search when the exact order of the words and phrases is known.

Search limits
are not available.
Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) are not available.

Bibliographic records in the Handbook of Latin American Studies database include various levels of subject access reflecting a combination of no subject terms, HLAS Subject Terms, and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Initial bibliographic records for scholarly journal articles and book chapters do not include subject headings. Initial bibliographic records for books usually include Library of Congress Subject Headings only. Initial records also do not contain annotations. HLAS Subject Terms are applied to all bibliographic records that appear in the print edition of the Handbook. Thus, books can generally be searched using either LCSH or HLAS Subject Terms. Journal articles and book chapters will never have LC Subject Headings unless a term is used by both LC and HLAS. As a general practice, HLAS does not use broad terms such as disciplines (e.g., history, economics, etc.) or Latin America since the entire database relates to Latin America. Likewise, for geographic locations, HLAS does not generally begin a subject heading with a country. Rather, a region, province, city, or town is used. Countries are included as geographic subdivisions.

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) present a controlled list of subject headings in alphabetic order and show the relationships among those headings. Other valuable information, such as scope notes that clarify usage and Library of Congress classification numbers that are associated with a particular subject heading, are included in LCSH.

Subject Browse Search Examples:

To browse the Subject Heading . . . Enter the words . . .
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) north american free trade
Art Catalogs--Brazil art catalogs brazil
Guevara, Ernesto Che guevara ernesto che
Reggae Music reggae music
Lima, Peru (city) lima peru
Consumption (economics) consumption economics

Search Tips:

References and Scope Notes:

In search results, some retrieved headings will be marked with the [ More Info ] icon, which provides a link to the established form of the heading or to related headings and scope notes as illustrated in the sample Headings List screen below.

Image of Headings display for search on NAFTA


Alternative Search Options:

If you do not find what you are looking for using the Subject Browse search option, try Basic Search - Boolean Keyword or Guided Search. For example, to use Boolean Keyword to find materials related to boundary disputes between Bolivia and Chile, enter: boundary AND bolivia AND chile. Review the subjects assigned to that catalog record, and select the hypertext link for the most closely matching subject heading listed to search for related materials.

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