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When it comes to your USAJOBS Profile, your password is the key to your site experience and personal information. While USAJOBS takes proactive security measures to protect your account information, you should actively protect your account information as well by keeping your password secure from unauthorized access.

In addition to having access to the products and services associated with your account, users who gain access by unauthorized means may attempt to use the data they've stolen to target phishing emails to you. In most cases, you would not notice your account has been compromised until it is too late.

With this in mind, here are some simple ways you can protect your account information:

  • Use a complex password. By choosing a complex password, you can increase the security of your account and prevent malicious use of USAJOBS' products and services. To create a complex password, follow these tips:
  1. Avoid using a simple password that is easy to guess (e.g., USAJOBS, USAJOBS1, 1234).
  2. Use a password of at least eight characters or more. Each additional character helps.
  3. Avoid using a password similar to your name, company name, password or email address.
  4. Include characters other than letters, such as numbers and symbols.
  5. Use a phrase or sentence you can remember.
  6. Change your password regularly.
  • Never use the same password for multiple accounts -- this will increase your security.
  • Never email anyone your password, and most importantly, never respond to an email asking for your password. USAJOBS will never email you asking you to supply us with or confirm your password, nor will USAJOBS ask you to download any software, “tool,” “online form” or “access agreement” in order to use your USAJOBS Profile account.
  • USAJOBS will also never call you asking for your username and/or password. You're the only person who needs to know your password. Don't share it with anyone. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from USAJOBS and they ask you for your account credentials, do not respond to the caller.
  • Never share your password. If you're concerned someone else might know your USAJOBS password, change it immediately or contact USAJOBS.
  • Avoid writing down your passwords, if at all possible. If you must write down any password, store it securely away from your computer.
  • We also encourage you to make sure that the antivirus programs on your computer are updated regularly.

USAJOBS is committed to protecting the data provided to us by our job seekers and increasing the security of our customer accounts. Not only will these efforts protect your account information, but they will prevent unauthorized users from accessing USAJOBS products and services associated with your account. Please visit the USAJOBS Online Security Information page to learn more about how to use the Internet safely and avoid phishing schemes.

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