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Safety and Effectiveness of Two Blood Transfusion Strategies in Surgical Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (FOCUS)

Parent Study Contact: Jeffrey L Carson, MD,
Study Type: Clinical Trial
Prepared on December 14, 2010
Consent: Proprietary Consent
Commercial Use Restrictions: No
Collection Type: Proprietary Study - See bottom of this webpage for request information


This was a multi-center randomized trial in 2016 hip fracture patients undergoing surgical repair that compared two transfusion strategies: 1) Maintain postoperative hemoglobin concentration above 10 g/dL and 2) Symptomatic strategy in which blood transfusion is withheld until the patient develops symptoms of anemia or hemoglobin concentration less than 8 g/dL. Outcomes included functional recovery, 30 and 60-day survival, myocardial infarction, nursing home placement, and postoperative complications.