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Basic Search - Boolean Keyword

A Basic Search - Boolean Keyword allows for more complex searches using Boolean operators and special index codes.
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Basic Search - Boolean Keyword is the most powerful search method available for the Handbook of Latin American Studies Online Catalog (HLAS OPAC). Use this search method to retrieve items with selected words or phrases located anywhere in the catalog record. Boolean Keyword may be used for a simple single-word search, but it also allows for more complex searches that combine multiple terms from one or more fields of a record.

Search limits are available
Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) may be used with or without parentheses
Special index codes may be used to focus the search

Boolean Keyword Examples:

To retrieve . . . Enter the search string . . .
materials on women in Argentina or Chile (argentina OR chile) AND women
materials by and about Carlos Fuentes knam "fuentes carlos"
catalog record for HLAS Control Number (bi number) bi 89004654 k010 bi 89004654
ISSN 1094-1304 (Hispanic American Historical Review) kisn "0018-2168"

ISBN 0-822-33379-1 (The Cord Keepers: Khipus and Cultural Life in a Peruvian Village)

kisn 0822333791
materials about race published by Duke University Press skey race AND 260b duke
web sites and CD-ROMs about music set search limits Type of Material: Electronic Resource

ksub music

information about regional development initiatives apart from NAFTA (skey regional OR skey economic) AND skey integration NOT skey nafta

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