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Vision and Mission Statement


PGRN Vision

To lead discovery and advance translation in genomics in order to enable safer and more effective drug therapies.

Major Indicators of Success

  • Discovery of novel insights into mechanisms relating genomic variation to differences in drug responses
  • Demonstration of the use and utility of genomic information to improve outcomes for drug therapies
  • Incorporation of genomic data to predict and personalize medicine use into routine clinical practice

PGRN Mission

The PGRN investigators, individually and collectively, will:

  • Implement studies in basic, translational and clinical science to advance the scientific vision
  • Develop novel experimental methods and tools to solve pharmacogenomic problems
  • Share data and, where feasible, biological samples in collaborations
  • Foster cross-disciplinary teams for discovery and dissemination of new information
  • Build effective partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders outside the PGRN
  • Engage related disciplines to advance the application of pharmacogenomic knowledge
  • Work cooperatively so that the network becomes more than the sum of the parts

PharmGKB Mission

The Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base is a research tool and will:

  • Disseminate knowledge about the impact of human genetic variation on drug responses
  • Curate and display primary genotype and phenotype data
  • Annotate gene variants and gene-drug-disease relationships via literature reviews
  • Summarize important pharmacogenomic genes and drug pathways
  • Enable consortia examining important questions in pharmacogenomics

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