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Page Updated December 2, 2012.

Check this page often to keep up-to-date with USAJOBS enhancements.

The following enhancements were added on December 2, 2012.

  • Added Autocomplete to the Where field on the main search page to assist users improve search results by location.
  • Added Applicant Inbox to jobseeker accounts.
  • Added Saved and Applied indicators to search results to help users determine at a glance what jobs they have already saved or applied to.
  • Added ability to default eligibility (U.S. Citizen vs. Federal Employee) based upon the selection chosen in the users My Profile section of the account.
  • Added Spotlight view to the job search results page.

The following enhancements were added on September 9th.

  • Updated the Home Page design to include the Spotlight, shadow text to the What and Where fields and realigning the fields and "Search" button
  • Search Results page redesigned to use additional screen real estate created by moving the Spotlight to the Home Page
  • Quick View mode has been enhanced to include key requirements and the job summary
  • Updated Saved Search notification emails to always include the "View all Results" link that will navigate users directly to their Saved Search results
  • Restored the Delete Account functionality
  • Made enhancements to the Resume Builder to improve error messaging and accept special characters in the title field
  • Added a confirm user email function to the site
  • Updated the page control display on the Search Results page to make it easier to use
  • Updated the Students and Recent Graduates page with additional help text and added a link to a tutorial to help you find Pathways jobs

The following enhancements were added on July 15th.

  • On the job search results page, the Refiners and labels were improved for clarity
  • Updated the text in the Job Closed Notification Email to prevent confusion concerning application submission
  • In the Profile section US territories now appear in the State/Territory/Province drop down list
  • On the Advanced Search page a link to the video tutorial explaining how the advanced search works was added
  • Updated the text on the Application Status Update emails so that they now include all series & grades listed in the Job Announcement
  • Added the ability for to search larger geographic regions, i.e., All Europe

Check this page often to keep up-to-date with USAJOBS enhancements.
This page was last modified on 3 December 2012, at 13:07.