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Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

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Progress reports are required annually to document grantee accomplishments and compliance with terms of award. They describe scientific progress, identify significant changes, report on personnel, and describe plans for the subsequent budget period or year.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has mandated that federal agencies implement a federal-wide research performance progress report (RPPR) for submission of required annual or other interim performance reporting on research grant and cooperative agreement awards to standardize recipient reporting on federally-funded research projects.

Implementation of the RPPR

All NIH grantees will have the option to use the RPPR for Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (SNAP) and Fellowship progress reports beginning 10/19/2012. The use of the RPPR will not be required at this time and grantees may continue to use eSNAP or paper submissions as appropriate.

Once grantees have had experience with the RPPR NIH expects to require the RPPR for all SNAP and Fellowship awards. The requirement to use the RPPR will be announced in the NIH Guide.NIH also anticipates piloting the RPPR for non-SNAP awards during calendar year 2013.

Grantee Access to the RPPR

Grantees may access a list of progress report that are due using the Status page in eRA Commons, and selecting the Tab "List of Applications/Grants." The far right column on the resulting table entitled Action will include an eSNAP link if a progress report is due for a SNAP or Fellowship award. Select the eSNAP link. If the award is a Fellowship, a link to the RPPR will be provided. If the award is issued as a SNAP award, the option to complete an eSNAP or an RPPR will be provided.

Grantees should decide which progress report format they will use (RPPR or eSNAP) before starting the process in the eRA Commons. Once a progress report has been initiated as either an RPPR or an eSNAP, the only way to change the progress report format is with the assistance of the eRA Help Desk at Commons Support (1-866-504-9552 or It may take eRA up to 2 business days to reset the progress report so the user can initiate a progress report in a different format. To minimize any issues and delays, institutions may wish to advise investigators of this new alternative so they can decide in advance whether they wish to use the RRPR or eSNAP (or paper for Fellowships) for a progress report.

SNAP RPPRs are due the 15th of the month preceding the month in which the budget period ends. Fellowship progress reports are due two months before the beginning date of the next budget period.

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