How to Contact Us

Visa Information and Assistance - The recommended first source of information regarding visa matters is our internet site at

Contacting U.S. Embassies and Consulates – For case-specific inquiries, you may contact the U.S. embassy or consulate processing your visa application for information regarding your case. Visit for U.S. embassy and consulate contact information. 

Contacting Visa Services - Information is available to the public by telephone at the Visa Services, Public Inquiries Division at (202) 663-1225. The telephone number provides the caller with a selection of pre-recorded information and the ability to talk to a visa specialist from 8:30 am EST to 5 pm EST. Persons desiring information about a specific visa applicant are advised that immigration law provides specific prohibitions about providing case specific information to third parties. Before calling with a visa inquiry, we request that you carefully review this website and also the Embassy Consular Website abroad. NOTE: The Public Inquiries Division is not able to accept visa inquiries by Fax.

Important Telephone Numbers and E-mail Addresses

For inquiries about visa cases and the application process call: 202-663-1225.

For inquiries by U.S. companies and organizations needing business (B-1) visitor visa information only, e-mail: or call: 202-663-3198.

For inquiries about F-1 or M-1 student visas, or about J-1 exchange visitor visas, please contact our Student/Exchange Visitor Visa Center at:

For information about pending applications for Waiver of Foreign Residence Requirement, applicants should see the online J waiver status.

To reach the National Visa Center (Immigrant visa inquiries, including assistance regarding the new DS-260 Online Immigrant Visa Application) call: 603-334-0700 (7:00 am EST to 12:00 pm EST) or e-mail:

To reach the Kentucky Consular Center (Diversity Visa inquiries) call : 606-526-7500 (7:30 am EST to 4:00 pm EST).