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Quantitative Impact Study 4 (QIS-4)

The U.S. banking agencies are conducting the Quantitative Impact Study 4 (QIS-4) to better understand the likely effect of proposed international capital standards on the minimum regulatory capital requirements of large U.S. banking organizations and to help guide the agencies in adopting and implementing such standards in the United States. These standards were proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in June 2004 and are available on the Committee's web site at Participation in the study is voluntary, and completed responses are due to the agencies in January, 2005.

The Committee's proposal offers banking organizations several alternative methods for calculating regulatory capital requirements: a "standardized" approach and two versions of an internal ratings based (IRB) method, one referred to as the "foundation" approach and the other the "advanced" approach. In the United States, the agencies are considering adopting only the advanced approach and are evaluating only that approach in QIS-4. To do so, however, the participants are asked to measure their exposures and related capital requirements under both the advanced IRB method and current rules in order to identify differences in the requirements for the same or similar risks.

Survey Materials

Survey participants should have the following QIS-4 materials, all of which are available on this web site:

  • Introduction to QIS-4 Survey Package (PDF)
  • Workbook

  • An Excel workbook containing numerous worksheets that each survey participant is requested to complete in order to quantify the level of credit risk in its various wholesale and retail portfolios. One worksheet also requests information on the participant's perceived level of operational risk.
    Workbook - Final 01/25/2005 (8MB XLS)
    Copy & Paste Macro - Final 01/14/2005 (XLS)
    Summary of workbook changes - updated 01/25/2005 (PDF)
  • Instructions for completing the worksheets and Corrections - updated 12/27/2004 (PDF)
  • A questionnaire that participants should complete to describe the procedures used in preparing the quantitative measures.
    Questionnaire (PDF)
    Questionnaire (MS WORD)
  • Supervisory Formula Approach (SFA)
    SFA Calculator Instructions (PDF)
    SFA Calculator (4MB XLS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - updated 1/24/2005
Note: These questions and answers are intended for QIS-4 purposes only.

Reference Materials

Confidentiality Treatment of Responses

All of the information submitted by participating institutions is being prepared on a "best efforts" basis and is being collected as part of the supervisory activities of the banking agencies. Survey results are considered to be information that is "commercial and financial" in nature and will be treated as confidential by the agencies.


General questions regarding this survey or web site may be directed to:

James Houpt 202-452-3358

Questions from QIS participants related to completion of specific elements of the survey materials may also be sent to any of the following individuals:

James Houpt 202-452-3358
Roger Tufts 202-874-4925
Andrea Plante 202-898-7449
Fred Phillips-Patrick 202-906-7295

Participants may also contact local staff of their primary supervisory agency.



Note: Many of the documents available on-line are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please visit our PDF help page for more information.

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