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Titles List

A Titles List shows results from all searches except for Subject, Author, and Keyword; or when the search results in a single catalog record.

A Titles List also displays as a result of selecting and displaying a heading with one or more titles from the Headings List display.

Each row of the display includes a brief description for a single title in the Handbook of Latin American Studies Online Catalog (HLAS Web). While most searches display "author," "titles" and "date" of the work, the information in a Titles List may vary depending on the search method used.

Upper Section

The upper section of the Titles List consists of a table containing five columns of data for each title, and a block with location information for the Library of Congress and the call number. In addition, there are buttons allowing you to retain selections from the screen of hits, as you move to subsequent pages in the search results.

Image of the upper section of a Titles List display

Parts of this display:

Lower Section

Contains tools for outputting records to disk, to a printer, or by e-mail. You also have the ability to edit your search terms, select a new type of search, and execute a revised search.

Image of the Lower Section of the Titles List  display

Parts of this display:

Display Tips

Use the browser's [Back] button to resume searching.

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