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My Dietary Supplements (MyDS) Mobile App

icon for the My Dietary Supplements app Access MyDS at

Version 2.0 is here!

MyDS version 2.0 works on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices, Android phones and devices, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry Touch devices running OS6 and above. MyDS will also work on your desktop/laptop with the Chrome and Safari browsers.

MyDS is not available in app stores — instead, use this link to access it:

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) has developed a free mobile app for consumers called My Dietary Supplements (MyDS). MyDS gives you:

  • An easy way to keep track of the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other products you take—right in the palm of your hand.
  • Access to science-based, reliable information on dietary supplements.
  • General information about ODS—who we are and what we do.

Simply enter the names and amounts of your dietary supplements, and they'll be stored for your use anytime, anywhere—for example, when seeing your doctor or shopping. With MyDS you also can email your personal list of dietary supplements to yourself or to your health care providers and print it out for reference.

Scrolling Tips

MyDS is designed to work the same across all platforms and is particularly suited for touchscreen devices; so when you access the app from a non-touchscreen device, like a desktop or laptop computer using Chrome or Safari, use your mouse to scroll the page instead of your finger. Do this by clicking near the bottom of the page and dragging toward the top. You may also notice that the mouse cursor does not change when over a linked area; click the area anyway, and it will still work. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact application support for assistance.


The information you enter in the app is to provide you with the ability to maintain a mobile list of the products you take. Submission of your email address and password is voluntary and encrypted within the ODS database; however, in order for us to store data remotely so you can sync the MyDS data between your devices and ensure your data is retained in future versions, you will need to complete both fields. The notes field in the application is voluntary and you can choose how much detail to include. Collection of the information you supply in the app is authorized under 485C(c)(3) of Title IV of the PHS Act, § 287c–11. We collect no personal information about you, only general information automatically generated by your device for analyses that will be used to improve our services. We use this information for statistical analyses only.

How to Access MyDS

Access MyDS at MyDS is available in Spanish at

On Apple devices we recommend you add the MyDS app to your home screen for easy access to the app. To add MyDS to your home screen, tap the shortcut icon button on the Safari toolbar and select 'Add to Home Screen.'


  • Create personal product profiles for yourself and others.
  • Record the name and amount of each product you take.
  • Add additional information about each product in the Notes field.
  • Email your product profile to yourself or your health care providers.
  • Access reliable information about dietary supplements from the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements.

Screen Shots

Splash screen displayed upon MyDS launch MyDS Home screen MyDS Profiles list screen
MyDS Sample user profile screen MyDS Edit Product Information screen MyDS Fact Sheets List Screen


Please visit our application support page to get help using the My Dietary Supplements app.